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krishna on Isn't she lovely?
Why not!!! so cute.. soft lighting is at its best!!! v. good.

Senthil on Senthil
What is this whole dodging of nails thingie and why did you do it to me? Unless it's a good thing, in which case ...

Babul Bhatt on Isn't she lovely?
she is pretty, you have used good lights. hopefully we get to see more of this models photoshoot

Iceman on Isn't she lovely?

Anurag Sharma on Isn't she lovely?
Skrik, Jerry, Imarchi and Ken: I have passed on the compliments to the model. Thanks for the kind words.

Ken McCoy on Isn't she lovely?
...and great natural lighting!

Imarchi on Isn't she lovely?
nice earings! and she's got beautiful eyes also!!

Jerry on Isn't she lovely?
Yes - very.....

Shrik on Isn't she lovely?
Wow! As lovely as a cool breeze in this hot summer day!

Inès on Pot
I love it !!! so smooth !

Anurag Sharma on Sunrise at Rajgadh fort
Damon: Thanks. Anoop: It is the sun. I also like the fact that it anchors attention to the picture.

Anurag Sharma on Cathedral door
Dornbrau, Anoop: Thanks. I am pleased with this shot due to the same reasons.

Anoop on Sunrise at Rajgadh fort
The B&W is a wonderful touch. Nice range of tones and early morning fog. Is it the sun or moon on the left? For ...

Anoop on Cathedral door
Perfect exposure. Usually I tend to over-expose such shots and lose the blacks or underexpose and lose the texture. The ...

Dornbrau on Cathedral door
I am impressed that you could get such detail with such coloring. Very well done.

Damon Schreiber on Sunrise at Rajgadh fort
Wonderful landscape!

Anurag Sharma on Drawer handle
Thanks Dornbrau. I like minimalist shots, and this is the minimalest I have ever done.

Dornbrau on Drawer handle
This is almost futuristic in its simplicity. Nice detail and contrast.

Anurag Sharma on Sunrise at Rajgadh fort
Lezek, Alain, Revealed: Thanks for your kind words. I am sorry for the delayed replies. Have been very busy with work, ...

Revealed on Sunrise at Rajgadh fort
Love the blog. And the pics are just picture perfect :). Blogrolled you. Hope that's ok?

AlainBadoual on Sunrise at Rajgadh fort
Very beautiful atmosphere! Nice work Anurag!

Lezek on Sunrise at Rajgadh fort
Beautiful capture. I wish I were there.

Anurag Sharma on Senthil
eydryan: Yes, even I was surprised at the detail. Thanks for the nice words. Alain: Thanks a lot.

AlainBadoual on Senthil
A very beautiful portrait Anurag!

eydryan on Senthil
wow the detail is amazing. funny thing is i can see you dodged his nails :P anyways, great shot, you deserve a ...

Cosmo Kramer on Primary colours
Fantastic picture!

felicity on Smell the coffee
nice photographs:)

Anurag Sharma on Primary colours
Vatsala, Felicity: Thanks a lot.

felicity on Primary colours
Very nice picture

vatsala on Primary colours
I love your work ! this calm solisidty of colors and subjects is so appealing .. a no - mess situation , very lovely !

Craiger on Door to the fort
Nice shot. Good shadows and repetition!

Anurag Sharma on Musician
Erik: Thanks. Still: It is indeed a beautiful place. Have you spent time at Jaipur?

Still on Musician
Beautiful shot.... Jaisalmer is one of my favorite place in the world...

Erik on Musician
Cool picture. It definitely has a story to it, great!

Cee Kay on An old house inside Jaisalmer fort
Dude, you've GOT to have some mercy on my poor, aging eyes. Gray font on black background makes it VERY difficult ...

Anurag Sharma on Temple
Everyone: thanks for your comments.

Duncan Galbraith on Temple
Lovely shot Anurag. Really well composed image of a spectacular landmark.

badala on Temple
Great architecture. Great perspective.

Srinivas Koduri on Temple
very nice diagonal composition and nice architecture.

Prashanth on Temple
lovely Architecture...

Damon Schreiber on Blue
I like!

Nick Chase on Blue
nice rustic image, I've already seen stuff like it before, but nice anyway. I think its important to be able to ...

Angry Buddha on Blue
Very nice shot. I love the hint of blue.

Anurag Sharma on Dome
Sidonie: Thanks. I think it is a monument of a former king. Badala, Damon: Thanks.

Damon Schreiber on Dome
Lovely image! The barely visible landscap below the mountain is wonderful.

badala on Dome
It's really a peaceful place! It looks like the time is stopped.

Sidonie on Dome
Love the warmth in this image - the highly focussed and richly colored foreground, hazy background down in the valley, ...

Anurag Sharma on Abandoned
Thanks everyone.

MnX on Abandoned
The framing is really good.

Zak Billmeier on Abandoned
There's definitely a story here...

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